Graduate School Admissions

If you plan on attending graduate school the following calendar outlines the steps necessary for submitting all of your admissions materials on time.


  1. Research Schools and programs and gather application requirements.
  2. Take the necessary standardized tests for admissions.
  3. Decide who to ask for letters of recommendation.
  4. Write a draft of your Personal Statement.


  1. Finalize list of schools that you will apply to.
  2. Create a master list of specific items due for each school.
  3. Establish relationship with academic advisor at each school if possible.
  4. Finalize your Personal Statement and other graduate school admissions.
  5. Ask your chosen evaluators for letters of recommendation. Provide each evaluator with a copy of your personal statement, the appropriate forms and instructions, and anything else that they may request.
  6. Note any questions or essay topics that will require your attention.
  7. Research sources of financial aid to make paying for graduate school a possibility.
  8. Arrange for transcripts to be sent to applicant schools. If applicable, request that the registrar hold your transcript until the Fall semester grades are in.


  1. Complete application forms & confirm receipt of transcript request and delivery ETA.
  2. Finalize essays and arrange to have them reviewed – spell check!
  3. Apply for fellowships, free scholarships and research other ways to make paying for graduate school a possibility.


  1. Confirm that evaluators have submitted letters of recommendation.
  2. Review each application for completion
  3. Mail applications
  4. Relax & breathe!


  1. Most schools send a postcard upon receipt of each application. Keep track of these. If you don't receive a postcard or letter, contact the admissions office by email or phone to ensure that your application has been received before the deadline.
  2. Depending on your field, start planning for the admissions interviews. What questions will you ask? Prepare answers to common questions.
  3. Fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) application. You'll need your tax forms to do this.


  1. Visit schools to which you've been accepted.
  2. Discuss acceptances and rejections with a faculty member or the career/graduate admissions counselor at your school.
  3. Notify the program of your acceptance.
  4. Notify programs that you're declining.