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Why Should You Attend Graduate School?

The answer to that question should not be an automatic yes unless you are planning on entering field which requires an advanced degree such as medicine or law. Otherwise there are a number of strong reasons to consider experimenting with the job market first before searching for graduate schools, which is an expensive, time-consuming and taxing decision.

Statistics show that people with graduate degrees on average will earn a small fraction more in their lifetimes than those without them. Given the disproportionate skewing those with advanced degrees in medicine, dentistry and law give the data you can be sure that for those with advanced degrees in many other disciplines the road is no more lined with gold than that of an undergraduate degree holder. It all boils down to your drive and effort and what you make of your opportunities.

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  • Washington
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  • Graduate School Options

    There are reasons why people attend graduate schools and we named the major one above; if your desired profession requires a graduate degree, you must press on. If your profession doesn't require an advanced degree you might consider getting some work experience. You may find your early job history to be like your early declared major history, full of changes and exploration and that's not bad.

    After you get your feet wet and have some perspective on your academic life and your future, then consider going back or start to explore online graduate degrees such as online master degrees (online MBA). They are getting extremely popular and are offered at many prestigious institutions. You can also keep your academic mind sharp with online grad courses which can earn credit towards a future graduate degree.

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