Online Graduate Degrees

Online graduate degrees are an exciting, affordable and increasingly popular option for graduates. Online degree programs are offered at many top institutions and the quality of education is every bit as good as a traditional on-campus degrees.

Online Graduate Courses

The world is moving faster and faster every day. It is imperative that you keep up from a knowledge standpoint but it is also anxiety producing to think about slowing down enough to integrate furthering your education into the middle of it!

This is exactly why distance learning is perfectly suited for busy people who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills without giving up their jobs, leaving home, or losing income. Online courses allow you to learn at a pace that allows you to still earn.

Considerations when choosing an on-line course or program

The only difference between selecting an online degree school vs. a traditional attendance school is that you will not need to physically go to a campus to apply or meet your professors! Otherwise, you should walk through all the same motions to make sure that you are getting what you want and need fro your education. Here are the basics...

Do your research

  1. Create a list of schools that have the course or degree that you wish to complete;
  2. If you intend to transfer credits – be sure that the receiving school will accept the credits.
  3. Speak with an Enrollment Representative from each school

Interview Schools

  1. Arrange to speak with a representative for the particular course or program that you are interested in – try to speak with the actual professor or a teaching assistant so that they are able to explain exactly how the course is run. Also, find out related professor's credentials to make sure that they meet your expectations!
  2. Find out exactly what is expected of you and how long the program is expected to complete.
  3. Acquire a syllabus if available
  4. Ask as many questions as you need to fully understand whether or not the program is a good fit for you!

Gather Technical Requirements

  • Define what type of technical equipment you will need to access the course materials hardware, software, and connectivity.

Arrange Financial Strategy

  1. Define how much the course/program will cost you – get it in writing to make sure there are no additional fees or costs!
  2. Apply for Federal Student Aid through the FAFSA
  3. Apply for additional financial aid if necessary with student loans from the Student Loan Network

Refer to our online graduate degree FAQ if you have more questions.