Graduate Student Health Insurance

With graduation comes more responsibility and that includes the responsibility to protect things of value such as your health and your auto.

If you've graduated from college and are heading to graduate school or are looking for your dream job, you need health insurance. Millions of people are in debt today due to unforeseen medical expenses for which they didn't have adequate coverage. Just as you'd protect your car with insurance, your health needs to be protected as well.

Health Insurance for Recent College Grads

Types of Graduate Student Health Insurance:

Student Select

  • This plan is for college graduates attending graduate school
  • At the time of initial purchase, students need to be less than 30 years old and taking at least 9 credit hours.
  • Students can keep the plan regardless of student status to maintain coverage until they have a full time job with benefits.

Student STM (Short Term)

  • This plan is for college graduates who have finished with school and need short term coverage between the time they graduate and the time they have other coverage such as from an employer

International Health Plans

  • If you are going to be studying abroad this is the plan for you
  • It's the only plan which covers you outside of the US